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Walm N'Dure

Learn how to crawl before you can walk. For every journey requires a beginning, middle & an end. So let’s start by taking that first step & becoming a little more involved in our physical/mental future. If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it - Then I can achieve it “Muhammad Ali”. My life as trainer/motivator began the moment I decided to take control over my future. Thus, Walm’s World of Fitness was established to help all those in need of that extra push. There’s no better time than the present to Get Up | Get Active | Get Right

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Pilates Newark

Christa Häkkinen

Christa is a certified Pilates instructor with a passion for fitness and athletics. She has worked as a professional dancer in New York City and Los Angeles, focusing on ballet and contemporary dance, which inspired her to get her Pilates certification. Her passions also include dressage riding, and she is planning to attend the Paris Olympics in 2024. 

Because of her athletic background, her classes focus on building strength, improving balance, and increasing flexibility.