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Walm trainer

Walm is one of the head trainers at Walm's World. He is a certified personal trainer with a specialization in weight loss and strength training. Walm trains individuals who are dedicated and ready to work towards reaching their goals, and he hears no excuses. 


Walm is also the author of The Art of Meal-Prep: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Jalen trainer

I'm Jalen, and I specialize in High-Intensity Interval Training, muscle building/hypertrophy training, Strength training, and fat loss training. Together we will focus on functional motions and learning proper workout forms to safely help you achieve your goals. I'm certified through N.C.S.F, and I also have CPR certification. I can't wait to train with you.


Christa Trainer

Christa is the general manager of Walm's World and runs the day-to-day operations.

Christa is also a certified Pilates instructor with a strong background in dance, aerial acrobatics, and yoga. Her classes focus on building strength and increasing flexibility in a challenging and motivating setting. Her classes are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced. 

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